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General conditions

The activities presented on this website are carried out and are the responsibility of Luis Tamargo   the website has no other purpose than to inform and contact the guide Luis Tamargo Mountain Guide AEGM , TA-298-AS and its client, the contractual relationship being that established between both parties exclusively.

The chosen activity will be reserved by phone, Whatsapp or e-mail exclusively. Once the date, activity and rate have been agreed, in specific cases, a deposit will be requested to formalize the reservation of 20% of the total . Reservation that will be returned in case of cancellation up to 48 hours . before starting the activity.

All activities are carried out in accordance with the tourist and tax regulations of the Principality of Asturias, and as such an invoice will be issued including 21% VAT,  Certification , registration, invoice, insurance.

All the activities outlined fall within the competences of the Middle Mountain and Rock Climbing Sports Technician degree.

Given the characteristics of these courses and activities, the practices carried out suppose a risk that you must assume as a participant.


In case of loss or breakage due to negligence of the material loaned or rented to LUIS TAMARGO, you may be obliged to pay its value or replace it.


LUIS TAMARGO declines all responsibility in the event of an accident caused by the recklessness, negligence or recklessness of any participant, when it occurs both within and outside the course and/or activity schedules, which will be set by LUIS TAMARGO.


The activities are subject to weather conditions and the number and characteristics of the people who participate. The schedules, itineraries and ways to follow may be modified or even suspended in whole or in part, if the circumstances so advise and always under the supervision of the mountain guide. In the event that an activity or course cannot be carried out in part or in its entirety due to adverse weather conditions, no amount paid by the client will be reimbursed given the unpredictability of these extreme factors (as long as the activity had already started).


Otherwise, the amounts paid by the clients would be returned, with the exception of the compulsory insurance, which is not refundable. With the aim of anticipating this type of incident and ensuring before the start of each activity that it can be carried out with weather that will not force its development to be suspended, LUIS TAMARGO has established a weather forecast plan (prior to each activity), using as a source the data provided by the National Institute of Meteorology with the aim of foreseeing as much as possible the circumstance that an unwanted cancellation would have to take place by any of the parties.


For level activities, LUIS TAMARGO may choose to take a practical test or a previous start, to avoid later problems.


In all activities, the mountain guide responsible for the activity has the decision to suspend an activity or prevent a participant from continuing in it if he/she poses a danger to himself or the rest of the group. Participants agree to comply with the instructions and guidelines of the designated guide and follow the guidelines for action and safety that he dictates during the course of the same. Any breach of these instructions may lead to the exclusion of the non-compliant participant and even suspension from the course or activity, with loss of all their rights.


The participant gives his consent to use the graphic images that are taken in the course of the activities for information campaigns that LUIS TAMARGO undertakes in the future and for the sample of successive participants who carry out courses and/or activities with this company.

The participant agrees to fill out a document stating any type of illness, allergy, etc., in order to avoid risks in the development of the activity. These data will be treated with absolute privacy.


The theoretical or explanatory session prior to the activity is considered the START of the services.


To carry out the courses, the security material to be used will be made available by LUIS TAMARGO , except in those cases in which, due to its complexity and/or particular circumstances, the participant must provide it. However, in each activity the type and amount of material needed will be specified.



To avoid possible risks caused by the lack of any element of the equipment considered essential, those responsible for the activity may suspend or delay the start of the activity until said problem is corrected or even choose to continue the program without the presence of the person. affected / or if the lack of availability of said elements is attributable to said person.


Minors may only attend the courses and guided activities of LUIS TAMARGO if they are accompanied by a responsible adult and under no circumstances alone.

Included services

These rates include guiding, guide expenses and common progression material (ropes, friends, expresses etc…). 

They do not include accommodation costs, if any, or other unspecified customer expenses.

The activity will be covered by the guide's civil liability and accident insurance .

If several activities are combined on consecutive or alternate days, contact us, as the rates are adjusted.

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