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Beginner sport climbing
From 120 €/person (max.4 people)

learn the basic techniques to climb with autonomy and safe sport climbing routes




Multipitch sport climbing
From 150 €/person (max. 3 people)

knows the maneuvers necessary to climb multipitch sports routes




Trad climbing
From 200 €/person (max. 3 people)

Enter the exciting world of trad climbing gradually and safely




From 150 €/person (max. 3 people)

The best way to get into rugged high mountain terrain safely




From 150 €/person (max. 4 people)

Learn how to react when what should never happen happens




Aid climbing
From 150 €/person (max. 2 people)

know the maneuvers that you must apply in aid climbing




From 60 €/person (max. 6 people)

Learn to read topographic maps and make your own digital maps




Winter Security

Learn to use the ARVA, SHOVEL AND PROBE,
the avalanche accident protocol and recognizes the snow stability




From 80 €/person (max. 6 people)
Mental Training

Learn concentration, relaxation and visualization techniques to improve your sports performance and body awareness




From 70 €/person (max. 6 people)

Not all the activities we carry out are listed here.

Just tell me about the project you have in mind and we will study it.

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